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Jun 17, 2004

How do I look with make-up on?


Posted at 10:22 pm by L
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Jun 15, 2004
I'm back

has it been a month already?

been busy working.

Monday is so not my favorite day. I always have a hard time waking up on Mondays.
Oh wait...it's actually everyday.

Just did my laundry..went to a friend's place. He just got back from Germany and he got me this BERLIN glass. Well I finally have a glass!
I also went to some Hermès and LV boutiques to see what I could afford for my family.
Well after minutes of going around the store..I concluded that I could buy....a pencil.

Weekdays...work work and work..only 2 weeks of internship left! gonna miss it.

Posted at 10:22 pm by L
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May 15, 2004

I think my computer has a virus because I can't listen to any of my CDs anymore.
I have to restart the whole thing, but I got hundreds of pics that I need to back up, and some important docs.

Well I'm heading out to buy a Memory card.

Danielle Steel buys H products.

Posted at 01:43 pm by L
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May 2, 2004

Nothing like a sunny Saturday in a cemetry..taking pics all by yourself..(dont gimme that "you psycho!" look).

I went to Montmartre cemetery yesterday...(I'm livin on the edge)...
ok ok there were tons of tourists all around.

but anyways, I took lots of pics (73), but I couldn't find Amphère's grave. Oh well I 'll go back another day..it's only 5 minutes from my place.
I wanted to smile on the pics, but I thought, damn this is no place to smile..but I managed to put on a discreet one.



more pics to come..

Posted at 11:52 am by L
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May 1, 2004

I'm going to Montmartre cemetery today, where some famous persons are buried (Ampère, etc.)
I'll share the pics with u.

Hope it's open today since it's a holiday.

Posted at 03:48 pm by L
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Apr 27, 2004
did u miss me?

ok this is what I've been doing Mon-Fri:

8 AM : time to wake up! (takes me about 20 minutes to do that)
9:30 : start working
1 PM : lunch time!
2 PM : work again
5:30 : I can finally go home!
6:30 : arrive home
7:15 : must leave again to go baby-sitting
8:45 : Finally I can go home!
9:15 : I'm HOMEEEEE!!

So what have I been doing during my internsip so far?

Let's see..up until now I was in charge of Japan.
Just for info, 1/3rd of H's sales are made in Japan.

It was fun..except that Japan only uses the email as a mean of communication most of the time.
They're shy people..do not like talking on the phone.
So didn't get a chance to talk to them.

But they're very demanding. Lots of special orders from them..this kind of bag with color A on this part, color B on the other, this kind of leather here..bla bla bla
where the hell is my order??
how come the packaging is like that??
why are u taking so long to make that bag??
Please send the wedding ring soon!! We want it next week!!

and yada yada yada.

and damn do they spend money!! I've seen lots of 0s.

Now I'm in charge of Duty Free Boutiques all over the world except for Asia.

I had to write an email to the person in charge of the Duty Free at Vienna's airport (Austria) because my Japanese client had a little problem. And it turned out that he called me back.
And he turned out to be cool, it was like talking to a friend..

"Are u from the States?"
"Nah..I'm Indonesian"
"Damn..yr English is good"

Well I would have stayed hours on the phone with him but since it's an open space office, everyone would be staring at me..

Can't wait to be in charge of the US of A! Gonna call all the boutique managers and gossip about friendster..haha

ok that's it from me.

Posted at 10:12 pm by L
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Apr 3, 2004

ok haven't given this blog some love...so here I am again.

Lemme see..I'm in the Netherlands, and just chillin wit J.
When he's not working, we basically just go out, take pics, eat, eat and did I mention eat?

I'm also here to announce that we've become need for speed addicts. We spend hours every night playing that on J's laptop. Just last night I played til 2 AM..shame on me.

Lemme recap:

last day of school...so much FUN. I took lotsa pics..so go check em out here.
The password is my name..first name that is..(see friendster)...and no capital letters.
I'm gonna miss my class..huhu

My train to Amsterdam was at 4 PM..and I actually forgot my passport.
They usually never check on the train..but this time they did! arghh...it's all because of the bomb in Madrid..
Well I just showed them my student card and told them I was French..
I am so living on the edge.

I arrived at 8 PM, J was already there..and we went to our favorite Chinese resto right away. Felt good to eat good. Like I said, food is the source of happiness.
Then we took the subway to get to J's car (he parked a few stations away...parking in Amsterdam is sooo expensive).

Slept, ate, TV. Good life.

woke up late..went to Almere Stad to have luch at Burger King..but they didn't have the Californian chicken wrap that J wanted, so we ate a hamburger at Febo instead.
Walked around there, window shopping.

slept, ate, tv.

J didn't go to work today, so we went to Utrecht. Went to the center, ate KFC, walked around, window shopping, took pics, ate ice cream.
We wanted to go see a movie after in Amsterdam, but there was a trafffic jam, so just decided to rent DVDs and go home.

J took a day off again, and we went to Batavia Stad (outlet stores). Just walked around. Then we went to Arena to go to the Chinese store and buy some food, then we went to see Along came Polly.
We hesitated to go see Passion of the Christ after, but it was getting late...so we just went home.

slept, ate, tv..J came home early, so we went to Almere Stad again. Just walked around. J bought me a hair dryer at Media Markt! wohooo..my first. Then we bought some food.

slept, ate, tv. Bought food when J came home (foo yung hai, pork, chicken).

 aight tired of typing.

Posted at 04:50 pm by L
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Mar 26, 2004

an Indo gf just called me up...panicking...there's a flood in her toilet..something to do with the pipe.

So she called the plumber..and since it's already 1:30 AM here..he said it would cost her 300 euros..dammm..

and she's freakin out because she doesn't know if her insurance will give her back the money, since it's not the plumber that her agent prescribed.

Oh well..just one of those things a young foreign girl has to face living alone in Paris.
Flood, harassment, strangers knocking on yr door at midnight, corny guys flirting...and no one here to defend u.
No brother, no cousin, no relative, no boyfriend...just u and yr skinny little self.

Thank God u got other gf who are in the same situation, and can call em up whenever to say that yr in deep shit.

Anyways..tomorrow is my last day at school...graduation in a few months..huhu..so sad =(
I like my class this year. My favorite class in this country. They're all so gay and I love em for that.

Will take lots of pics.

O yea...me goin to Amsterdam tomorrow afternoon for a week.

Will take pics.


Posted at 01:49 am by L
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Mar 19, 2004

wohoo..new blog!

must admit I have several...
yes I have no life...

Today I got a letter from the company where I'll be doing my internship...u know, stating that I've been accepted, bla bla bla.

Their stationery is sooooooooooooooo niceeeeeeeee...I have to take a pic of it.
Expensive paper definitely, with a very nice "H" logo on it.
oh so excited.

ok yea yea I'm corny...but I'm a corny person with a cool stationery at my posession (in your face sucka!).

Will start internship on April 5th...which means I'll have a week off...so I'm heading to Amsterdam beybieee...must relax before I work like a slave for 3 months.

o yea...emm...hi..my name is L. And I'm a retard.

Posted at 01:55 am by L
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